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Gil and Finley's, The Brand & Logo

This brief was to come up with a Brand, Logo and a Menu. I wanted to create a brand with personality, so created a brand that would also have people behind it. Gil and Finley the founders of the company, two friends that traveled Japan together and then ventured into hospitality. I wanted the logo visually like the name to play with sushi and fish, cocktails and the sushi rolling craft.

Menu Design

As with most sushi places you buy it and take it away. So this premises is split into two sections,

the take out area and the dine in Fishtail bar.

Which is why i decided to approach the menus separately. My first menu was the takeaway menu

folded & rolled up and small enough to fit in your pocket.

Which horizontally placed on the counter PDQ looks likes a counter of sushi. The second was a bit more luxurious and included the Fishtail & dine in menu.Rolled and tied up in the rolling mat and placed vertically at the back section of the menu PDQ.

I wanted the illustration style to look hand drawn as i liked the idea of using watercolors, the sea = fish. I penciled, then painted the illustrations and then created vectors so that they could be carried on through future promotional products at any size. 

Logo & Development-O-1
Logo & Development-O-6
Logo & Development-O-2
Logo & Development-O-3
Logo & Development-O-5
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