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Eco Business Brand Logo

This brief was to come up with a brand logo for an Eco Business and create promotional material in the form of a Brochure, Flyer and a Email. I wanted to use craft paper to create a natural feeling topped with a funky vibrant green. I felt it needed a strong brand symbol as this company would have various sub branded products under its umbrella. I used the word Eco and nested each letter within each letter creating a bold symbol. E being the biggest then the C and then the O, drawing your eye in, in the order you would read the word.

Que Quoffee Brand Logo

I then came up with their first Eco product and the Sub Brand logo. I LOVE Coffee and as there are so many travel cups on the market i wanted to create something that would stand out from others and make the consumer feel good about their Eco friendly choice. I carried the craft paper and green through into this brand to create a sense of familiarity. The oval craft paper styled coffee bean complimented the product and the playful brand name. Its friendly, its fun, its Eco. Que Quoffee.

Que Quoffee Product

After research of various products available on the market, i started to think what i would want and how i can make this cup more desirable. Selling points being its made entirely from recycled material. Bamboo and Corn with reinforced melamine resin that can be given any matt, natural looking color. I came up with the idea for the SOS Coffee bottom attachment as a way to set the product apart from other coffee cups. At the time i was using a coffee cup and always wished every time i ran out of milk, coffee or even sugar, i had a back up. This allows that right in the cup itself, its a screw attachment at the bottom. I wanted to create a add on's set to cater to other needs, needing to be hands free and travel essentials on the way to and from the office. A recycled carry case made from wet suit material to help keep the coffee hotter for longer. It has detachable and adjustable straps so you can hang it over your arm, whilst carrying your bag in one hand and using your phone in the other. The strap is also use able horizontally across the product too. It also has a clip to attach to a bag, a travel spoon and place to hold it for an SOS Coffee, and a hook for hanging whilst driving.

The product comes in various colors and so do the accessories so you can mix and match you Quoffee experience.

Brochure Sample

Logo & Concept Development

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