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Tea Total Tea House, The Brand & Logo

This brief was to come up with a Brand, Logo and a Menu. I was inspired by the idea of Tea houses and High Tea. I wanted to create a business that was not only a dine in or take out tea/coffee shop but also a shop that would sell the products you could taste in the dine in or take out area, Tea's from all around the world. Whilst creating the logo i wanted it to be elegantly simple in design, with a Strong T for Tea. My second point was to try and get the world across, along with the large, dark T i decided to use tea staining to create a map.

At a first glance you may visually see worldly teas.

Menu Design

The brief wanted options for a two and a three fold menu, so i create thumbnails looking into possible layouts. I then took two through to art working stage. The Tea's are laid out on the menu like the shop products by country and with a description of history and taste.

The tea can be bought by cup (take out, dine in), teapot or tea pack from the shop. High teas from around the world, are based on two sharing, each tea from each country gets a teapot of tea and a cake stand of that countries food delights.

A cultural experience through tea. Its T total!

Concept & Artwork

Teatotalhouse-3fold menu-1
Teatotalhouse-3fold menu-2
Teatotalteahouse-2fold menu 2-2
Teatotalteahouse-2fold menu 2-1
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